In this episode, Brock talks with John Spencer.

John is considered to be the worlds leading expert on urban warfare. He's written about the subject extensively in publications, a book, and his podcast, The Urban Warfare Project. John talks through some points in his mini manual which serves as a field guide for implementing strategies and tactics in a simple and easy to understand way. We discuss why the future of warfare will primarily be urban and how that plays out in the US military approach overseas, particularly in Ukraine with the events taking place currently. The conversation is closed on the subject of his new book, Connected Soldiers, which is a memoir on social connections in war.

You can follow along with John on his personal website, on Twitter, and also preorder Connected Soldiers on Amazon.  

Whether you’re in the service for four years or twenty, you have learned skills, led teams, and learned what it takes to execute under pressure. While those past successes are valuable, they don’t always translate to a life or career when you get your DD214.

Join Tim and Brock as they break down the skills and strategies current and former military members are using to build a successful careers on the outside the service.

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