53. Psychedelics Treating PTSD with Jesse Gould

November 30, 2022

53. Psychedelics Treating PTSD with Jesse Gould
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Jesse Gould. Jesse's background has it all. He worked in finance, specifically investment banking, and then went on to be an Army ranger, worked at a nonprofit, and now is the CEO of his own nonprofit. We talk through some heavier topics including struggling with alcohol and PTSD and how it brought him to the culminating decision of needing to do something about it or else accept a lifelong diagnosis. On a trip to Peru, Jesse experienced ayahuasca and is now bringing a tailored and scientific approach to bringing that to other veterans. We discuss the science behind psychedelics, the current state of the law around them, and how Heroic Hearts is looking participate in pushing forward the science behind it as a viable treatment alternative to PTSD. 


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Show notes:

(00:00) - Giveaway details
(08:15) - Something Jesse is proud of but doesn't get to talk about
(11:14) - Being stuck in a hyperactive loop
(20:11) - Going extremely wide on scope of life opportunities
(25:58) - How to balance playing it safe and your passion work
(31:37) - The birthplace of Heroic Hearts
(38:48) - Military drinking culture
(40:04) - Seeking help at the VA
(45:48) - What ayahuasca is and the science behind the psychadelics
(54:52) - Profound veteran experiences
(01:00:11:) - Health considerations and taking too much?
(01:11:36) - Research on psychedelics and state of the world today
(01:15:26) - What are the biggest headwinds to the  descheduling of psychedelics?
(01:24:22) - Decriminalization in Oregon.
(01:29:44) - How to measure success as an organization
(01:33:19) - Getting involved and how to support

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