57. Mastering the Military Transition with Mark Delaney

December 21, 2022

57. Mastering the Military Transition with Mark Delaney
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Mark Delaney. Mark is a former Army officer and his hyper focus on veteran transition. He hosts the Veteran Semi Professional podcast, which recently crossed over 100,000 downloads. He's also building that journey, saas tool that will track vets transition process and assist in their transition outside the service starting from a year out. Mark has had a ton of experience in veteran hiring and much of our conversation hinges around the barriers inherent there and the way he's trying to use that experience to tackle those huge problems. 

Episode Resources:

Vet Semi Professional Podcast

The Veteran Professional Instagram

The Veteran Professional Website

Twitter thread on hiring service members in Skilbridge

Mark's Twitter


(01:49) - Gotta love a good origin story
(04:01) - Thinking differently than everyone else
(07:50) - An early entrepreneur
(11:13) - A Military not designed for change
(19:17) - Balancing career risk
(23:22) - Mitigating downside risk and optimizing for big outcomes
(28:41) - Skillbridge and exiting the Army
(30:31) - Starting the Vet Pro, blogging and podcasting
(37:06) - Learnings from studying the veteran transition process
(47:58) - Knowing your audience and the flow of information in the military
(55:20) - Military Hiring Accelerator and the military job market
(01:04:01) - Building Vet Journey
(01:16:33) - Long term goals and outcomes
(01:28:15) - Coping with the unknown, and why military and entrepreneurship aren't that different
(01:33:46) - What we can learn: managing risk and fear
(01:37:59) - Book recommendations

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