44. Once Upon A Veteran in Hollywood with Mark Harper

September 28, 2022

44. Once Upon A Veteran in Hollywood with Mark Harper
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Mark Harper is the former Optimus Prime Myspace page manager and the current CEO of We are the Mighty. Mark's early interest in film led him to pursuing a dual degree which landed him in the Combat Camera division of the US Air Force. Mark and his unit were in Iraq to film the 'purple fingers' which played a role in how he pitched himself to Hollywood. We discuss how media and content have evolved in the last two years and how that has influenced the type of content current and former service members are interested in. Lastly, we hear the founding story around We are the Mighty with cofounder David Gale of MTV. Mark cover's the business models the business has gone through, how he thinks about reaching millions of readers and watchers today, and how acquiring the Military Influencer Conference has set the stage for future growth. 

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We are the Mighty

Military Influencer Conference

Show Notes:

(02:15) - What are you most proud of, but don't get to tell people about?
(05:08) - Convincing the Air Force to allow majoring in film
(10:37) - Role and responsibilities of Combat Camera
(16:00) - Is physical harm a threat?
(19:25) - The line between public affairs and everybody else
(24:15) - How the Air Force gave a dream job and introduction to Hollywood
(33:20) - Content and Hollywood changes in the last 20 years
(41:05) - Paramount, a high end consumer electronics startup, and meeting David Gale starting We are the Mighty
(47:06) - How veterans consume content and finding initial traction
(55:00) - Business models WATM has grown through
(01:05:10) - The one driving goal and what WATM does today in size and reach
(01:15:10) - Acquiring the Military Influencer Conference
(01:17:20) - What veterans today really need
(01:19:55) - A closing story on Top Gun 2

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