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Glad I found this podcast!

Fantastic podcast and opportunity to listen to and learn from so many successful veterans. Brock asks great questions and each conversation contains little nuggets of wisdom. Definitely worth your time!

Really well done Podcast

I really enjoy Brocks point of view and interviewing style, also the guests are really interesting!

Useful and inspiring

If there is such a thing as a high integrity podcast, this is it. You can’t help but feel inspired and motivated by guests. And Brock is leading the way

Insightful conversations

Brock's ability to have enlightening conversations with his guests makes the listener feel like they pulled up a seat as long-time friends catch up. Recognizing the layers, it takes for one to find fulfillment is both motivating and uplifting. Thank you for including us in the conversation. Must listen!

Great Conversations

Brock does a great job leading the conversations and shining light on the important subjects. Would recommend.

Honest and raw

Great show with honest and raw conversations that matter to our military community.

Great resource for active duty military and our Vets

Great content with an awesome mix of guests. A great resource for our military members as they make transitions to civilian life. Need more content like this. Keep it up and thank you!

Great name, better podcast.

These episodes are so much fun to listen too. Great for veterans or just anyone.

Great podcast

The discussions between Brock and the guests are great. They dive deep into lessons on how military service can translate to life as a whole. The stories and lessons told will last a life time.

Great podcast with interesting interviews

Brock always has interesting interviews lined up that are insightful for even someone that was not in the military. Looking forward to continuing to listen and seeing what all I can learn!


Well planned and greatly executed podcasts. Brock does a great job of integrating his own passion and knowledge of finance while diving into other veterans knowledge base and passion. The podcast consistently brings interesting guests and topics. Well done.

A fantastic resource!

From the first episode you can tell Brock put in a lot of thought, planning, time, effort, and heart into Scuttlebutt. This podcast is a great resource for those who have served and full of guests that amplify the goal. Well done sir!


you can tell brock is passionate about everything he does. thank you for opening up this platform for vets/active duty to help them navigate new endeavors!


Well researched and explains information! I appreciate the compassion Brock has for what he does!

Love this podcast

Such a quality show! 10/10 recommend for veterans and anyone else interested!

Would recommend to a friend

Solid stuff. It’s a good listen. Nuff said

Great Podcast

Brock is doing a great service for not only veterans, but ANYONE who listens to this podcast by providing such a good and growing quantity of high quality episodes. Keep going!!

Seriously a good time

Whether you are interested in staying for 20, or leaving after four, we all leave the military. In my 10+ years of service I’ve probably met 2 people who transitioned out and did what they said they would do, maybe a few more who didn’t struggle after leaving, but the majority had some tough times when they took the uniform off. It’s not an easy process and the system is designed to try and keep you in, so recourses for leaving are at best poorly put together. That is where this podcast comes in. Brock and his guests have all been where we are, still serving and hungry for more, or biding our time until we get the DD-214 and can make our big moves. The guests on the show have a wide range of both military backgrounds, as well as, careers in the civilian sector. Give it a listen if your interested in good conversations, inspiring stories, helpful tips that don’t get explained in taps class, you might just find your next move right here on the show.

BLUF: Good Info, Great Host, Awesome Topics

I recently found this podcast and immediately got hooked. The range of guests is great and the topics covered are some that pertain to my life as a military servicemember transitioning from the service. Looking forward to hearing more from Brock and his guests!

Can’t wait for more!

Not a typical duo of ex-military guys. It seems like everywhere you look now there is some kind of media about military life. However, most are centered around guys who did multiple tours as Navy Seals or Army Rangers, at a minimum some type of boots on ground job. Unfortunately, that leaves the rest of us only being able to relate on certain levels. Most of the military is made up of supporting type positions with our own sets of struggles and experiences. To have a podcast where both hosts are former service members from that side is very refreshing. We all love a good love war story, but some of us fought a very different war than others. For everyone who isn’t going to have a movie made about your time in the service, this podcast is for you.


I enjoyed everything about this! Such a great listen! I could relate to so much of this. I look forward to hearing more