58. From Compromised Identity to Cybersecurity with Vishal Amin

December 28, 2022

58. From Compromised Identity to Cybersecurity with Vishal Amin
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Vishal Amin. Vishal is currently a GM at Microsoft overseeing their security compliance identity management and privacy for all US federal work and a former Marine Corps F18 pilot. In this episode, you'll learn how to decide what to work on. If you're listening to this podcast, you likely have more opportunities than you have time. Vishal walks through an aviation mantra he uses to whittle down to what the most important thing is. You'll also learn how to avoid the need to validate your service. We've all been there, looking for opportunities to over explain our past, particularly to non veterans in order to tell ourselves that our service means something. And lastly, you'll hear a recounting of being named on a public hit list by ISIS following operations he was involved in. He recounts how his personal identity being compromised changed his life, and how he's channeling that energy into passion for protecting identities and cybersecurity. 

Episode Resources:

Vishal on LinkedIn

Travis Manion Foundation


(02:02) - Olympic Water Polo
(06:38) - How being a first generation American influenced early days and joining the Marine Corps
(13:29) - Deciding what to work on - an Aviation mantra for making decisions
(17:46) - Freeing yourself from the need for validation
(24:15) - Transitioning out of service and your first job
(31:01) - Being named on a public hit list by the Islamic State
(39:15) - What changes were required as fallout of the event
(43:46) - Launching headlong into cybersecurity
(49:56) - How cybersecurity is changing how threats are responded to over time
(55:19) - Humans changing roles in cybersecurity going forward
(59:03) - Getting a job in cybersecurity, certifications/schooling needed
(01:04:36) - Building and growing a team in tech
(01:11:41) - Travis Manion Foundation
(01:14:20) - The importance of ACTING

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