59. Defining the Lateral Limits of Transition and Life Possibilities with Victor De La Flor

January 04, 2023

59. Defining the Lateral Limits of Transition and Life Possibilities with Victor De La Flor
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Victor De La Flor. Vic is in his last year of 20 years of service in the Marine Corps and we have an open brainstorming discussion around his transition. We talked about some of the challenges he's facing, how he's learning from his exit, and some of the resources he's building in the process. We also talk about his entrepreneurial spirit. Vic has had several side gigs over the years, including being a top seller on eBay, heat pressing uniforms for teams on base, and selling over 10,000 units of undercover clip, a clip that sits in your eight point cover and holds your sunglasses. This episode has some great insight into the transition process and how to think about the problems that need to be solved, if you've got that entrepreneurial bug. 

Episode Resources:

Vic on LinkedIn

Under Cover Clip


(01:11) - Takeaways from 20 years in the Corps - how to effectively lead
(06:02) - Differences in mentality in younger Marines
(08:49) - Learning to live by the rules in Legal
(21:12) - Defining the scope of outcomes as lateral limits
(27:57) - Biggest fear exiting service
(40:32) - Resources discussion, what's there and what isn't
(49:19) - Taking the transition to Youtube
(54:57) - Hosting a podcast
(57:54) - Entreprenurial ventures - Pressing uniforms
(01:04:34) - Becoming a top seller on Ebay
(01:19:28) - Undercover clip to 10,000 units
(01:34:00) - Advice for vets both in transition and pursuing entrepeneurship

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