66. Pursuing Self Mastery with Tony Nash

February 22, 2023

66. Pursuing Self Mastery with Tony Nash
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Tony Nash. Tony is an army officer and the host of the Got Your Six Podcast. Tony talks about how to use physical triggers to slow down time, how to free yourself from the need to be good enough, and why we need to meet resistance every single day. We also talk about the power of repeated small actions on a long time horizon.

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(02:25) - What are you most proud of?
(05:54) - Creating a relationship with yourself that emphasizes awareness
(08:21) - Being proud of things that don't work out
(17:40) - Has the Army been everything you thought it would be?
(23:57) - Writing to change your mind
(29:51) - The power of repetition and recording 100 podcasts
(32:28) - Why start a podcast?
(38:44) - This is Day Two, not Day One anymore
(49:31) - Lessons from 100 episodes
(01:02:47) - Creativity within all of us
(01:05:07) - Tony's 5 Pillars: Servant Leadership, Life Tactics, Inspiration, Discipline, Encouragement
(01:41:44) - Using the pillars to make daily decisions

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