76. The Future of Electric Vehicles with Jeremy McCool

May 03, 2023

76. The Future of Electric Vehicles with Jeremy McCool
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Jeremy McCool. Jeremy is a former Army infantry officer, and currently the founder and CEO of HEVO, a wireless electric vehicle charging company. We talked through Jeremy's inspiration for HEVO, a story recounting restoring power to a village in Iraq while deployed. He explains the barriers to wireless charging and how they're combating both the innovation and distribution challenges, their recent partnership with Stellantis, and advice for young entrepreneurs raising money. Jeremy is the type of person that when you listen to them talk about the future. It's exciting. He also tells a story of how he was explaining his idea for wireless charging when he was started back in 2011 to Exxon executives, just three years after Tesla released its first roadster considering how far they come, it's difficult to not to be optimistic about that future.

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(01:52) - Jeremy's entrepreneurship roots (08:39) - How the ability to lead changes from the military and in entrepreneurship (14:43) - Can you teach entrepreneurship? (21:40) - Restoring power to a village in Iraq as inspiration for a startup (37:34) - What Jeremy would change about time in service (39:37) - Incentives to start companies and differences of US to the rest of the world (50:40) - Humble beginnings starting HEVO after leaving Columbia (01:01:11) - HEVO's business today (01:07:25) - Rolling out public wireless EV charging in NYC (01:11:01) - Technology and distribution challenges (01:16:16) - Retrofitting vehicles vs production (01:24:34) - Crowdfunding and advice on raising money (01:38:04) - Where to find out more

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