Building a Creative Guild with Keith Dow and Tyler Carroll

In this episode, Tim and Brock speak with Keith Dow and Tyler Carroll.
Despite being at different points in their career, Keith and Tyler became aware of each other during their time in the army. Their time together early on was extremely brief, but they stayed in contact which eventually led to the founding of Dead Reckoning Collective (DRC).

Keith and Tyler reminisce on the story of running an early blog featuring content written by folks in the military. They go on to share how running the blog showed them the unfilled need of military and veteran writers. After multiple small projects, DRC was formed and have since published 11 veteran works. DRC is a veteran exclusive publishing company, covering all writing styles.

We speak at length about the importance of the people you have around you, how fostering a creative community around you pushes you harder than doing it alone, and how DRC is helping veterans learn and publish their work.
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