Define the Rules and and Play to the Limits with Austen Alexander

In this episode, Tim and Brock talk with Austen Alexander.

Austen was a Master at Arms in the Navy, having served aboard the USS Carl Vinson as well as harbor security in southern California. Austen began making Youtube videos while in as a way to make extra money. Having found success with Youtube, Austen exited the Navy in 2020 to go full time on his fitness series, 'Battle Bunker', which puts athletes and different occupations head to head in military-style fitness events.

We hear his funny story of meeting (then Chief) David Goggins at Great Lakes. We discuss the difficulties of content creation while in the service and how to navigate the rules associated that landed Austen as the center of a NCIS investigation. We also talk about what advice to talk in life and how to cut through noise and distractions to hone in on the valuable learnings.

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