Do Not Let the Military Define You with Caleb Taylor

In this episode, Tim and Brock speak with Caleb Taylor.

Caleb was was Marine Rifleman from 2009 to 2014. Caleb talks through why it's so important to build your own life outside the military. How the end of our service doesn't cite the end of our story nor allow us to hang up the cleats. We also get to hear the first audible telling of his coordination efforts to rescue his Afghan interpreter, "NB", during the recent fall of Afghanistan.
Since his exit, Caleb achieved a bachelors and masters in Global Security Studies and now works at FEMA. On the side, he writes for OAF Nation, a veteran owned media brand. He does everything from book reviews, to military history, and was published in a poetry book entitled 'War...&After: The Anthology of Poet Warriors'. Can find the book on Amazon here.

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