How to Turn Your Hobbies into a Career with Austin Lieberman

In this episode, Tim and Brock talk with Austin Lieberman.

Austin served as a Tactical Air Control Party Officer in the Air Force from 2011 to 2018, joining through ROTC. While in the National Guard, Austin leveraged the time and skills learned while active to land a consulting job at Slalom. Since then, Austin has worked as a career coach at Lambda School, a lead advisor at 7Investing, and now manages money professionally at Social Capital.

Austin walks us through how being public about your hobbies and interests leads to interesting opportunities. His focus on producing high quality content online has led him to connect with people and opportunities he never thought possible. We also discuss how to transform your resume from military titles to real world titles that businesses want to hire.

You can follow Austin on Substack , Twitter @LiebermanAustin, and here on Youtube @growthinvestor
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