Psychedelics Aiding Life's Biggest Changes with Josh Duntz

In this episode, Tim and Brock talk with Josh Duntz.

Josh is a former EOD tech for 10 years in the Navy and is now an account executive at Shift as well as the founder and CEO of Stasis. 
We talk through the physical challenges that come with working in EOD and how those led to an increased focus on health, in particular breath work. Josh goes on to explain why he believes veterans make such strong candidates in the work force but also as entrepreneurs. Working at Shift, he gets direct insight into filling active duty and veterans into prominent companies. We also discuss Josh's Ayahuasca retreat to Mexico and the importance of being willing to put in the work in order to change your life. 

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Shift - Career Advancement for Military Members, Past and Present: ⁠⁠
Stasis - Optimal health and performance starts with a single breathe: ⁠

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