Single Family Wholesaling, and Self Storage with Frank Scappaticci and John Plumstead

In this episode, Tim and Brock talk with Frank Scappaticci and John Plumstead.

Frank and John played college football together, attending Westpoint in 2004 before graduating as Field Artillery Officers. Their friendship in college and time throughout the military eventually fostered a business relationship in Gray Line Investments. This duo started out investing in single family homes before graduating to self storage where they plan to acquire 20 million dollars this year. We discuss why buying a small or medium sized business is a great avenue for service members to take and how they are uniquely equipped to handle the problems. Frank and John also talk about growing the growing pains of SMBs and how growing too fast can cause harm to the business and relationships. 

Follow ⁠Frank⁠ and ⁠John⁠ on Twitter or check out their website for more investing information at ⁠Gray Line Investments⁠. 

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