Values Based Decision Making in the Global Coffee Supply Chain with Matt Bishop

In this episode, Brock speaks with Matt Bishop.

Matt attended the United States Naval Academy and received a Marine Corps Officer commission as a combat engineer. He participated in two combat deployments before exiting to pursue an MBA from Georgetown. After feeling like his work wasn't completed, Matt was selected for SF in the National Guard and completed several operations before exiting for good in 2015. After a few entrepreneurial missteps, Matt found traction in the coffee space after combining his business with a competitor to form Iron Mule Coffee. Iron Mule is a premiere roastery and supplies many regional grocery stores with quality coffee beans. Matt's passion for people has led to the launch of Direct Access coffee, a brand that sources beans directly from farmers in other countries. The goal of Direct Access is to provide transparency to farmers and pay that is consistent with their coffee sales, benefits missing from programs like fair trade.

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