27. William Toti on Controlling the Narrative Amidst Chaos

June 01, 2022

27. William Toti on Controlling the Narrative Amidst Chaos
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In this episode, Brock talks with William Toti.

Bill, after a brief stint of enlisted time, attended the Naval Academy and graduated with his undergraduate degree in physics in 1979. Bill was nominated for the Navy's astronaut program, was in the pentagon on 9/11, was the commanding officer of the USS Indianapolis submarine, and held several executive positions at defense companies after his time in the Navy. 

We hear straight from Bill, the abbreviated story of the original USS Indianapolis cruiser sinking and how the captain, Charles McVay was court martialed for not hazarding the ship. Years later, after coming to captain the Indy, Bill got involved with the survivors from the original ship and was drawn into assisting the efforts to exonerate captain McVay. It was Bill's analysis, assisted by modern day technology, of the ship's position and the torpedoes that struck it that played a pivotal role in the exoneration in 2000.

After his time in, Bill became frustrated by the lack of accurate information being given to veterans while pursuing a career in industry. He wrote the book entitled 'From CO to CEO, A Practical Guide for Transition from Military to Industry Leadership" where he parses out some of the most important factors affecting veterans. We discuss why leadership skills aren't enough, how to think long term, and how employers can meet our veterans halfway by setting proper expectations and delivering on them. 

You can follow and reach out to Bill, find out more about his work with the Indy, and order his book from his website.

Whether you’re in the service for four years or twenty, you have learned skills, led teams, and learned what it takes to execute under pressure. While those past successes are valuable, they don’t always translate to a life or career when you get your DD214.

Join Tim and Brock as they break down the skills and strategies current and former military members are using to build a successful careers on the outside the service.

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