77. Starting and Scaling a Home Repair Business with Rodney Adams

May 10, 2023

77. Starting and Scaling a Home Repair Business with Rodney Adams
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Rodney Adams. Rodney is a former Marine Corps infantry, both enlisted and officer and is now the CEO and founder of Mr. Home Repair of Tulsa. We get into why the title of veteran means different things to different people and the good and bad application of it in the workplace. We talk about his journey from his time working at Goldman Sachs Investment Management arm to becoming an entrepreneur. We also get into what it takes to succeed operating a small and medium business and some very potent advice for young men pursuing a similar path.

Episode Resources:

Mr Home Repair of Tulsa

Rodney on Twitter

Handyman Checklist on Gumroad


(01:17) - Is the veteran space played out? (12:23) - Military teaches us leadership, but not hard skills; how does that equate to the comparable civilian (18:13) - Where are the high performers in the military? (23:50) - How to incentivize high performers (30:02) - Integration with Dutch Marines (37:20) - MBA, Goldman Sachs, and missing culture fit (47:12) - Providing for your family and whether or not to seek autonomy (58:05) - Finding and building a peer network (01:05:47) - Starting a home repair business to solve a personal problem (01:11:35) - The greatest challenge starting a business: Zero to 1 (01:16:13) - Scaling home repair businesses (01:21:40) - To raise money or not to raise money (01:28:39) - Gumroad free download for outfitting trucks and starting a home repair business (01:33:05) - The biggest problem facing young men The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

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