60. 30 Years of Auto Industry Disruption with Scott Painter

January 11, 2023

60. 30 Years of Auto Industry Disruption with Scott Painter
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Scott painter. Scott served in the Army as a Spanish interrogator in the late 80s. And since then went on to found or CO found many companies you've likely heard of, including Fair.com, Cars Direct, True Car, Pricelock, and now Autonomy, a subscription Electric Vehicle Company. He's incorporated 57 businesses over the last 30 years. Scott talks extensively in this episode about the balance of family life and entrepreneurship. He talks about how he treats his kids like small businesses and make some great analogies on how to build and grow them successfully. We discuss how the auto industry has changed over his time in market and his past influence on it. He talks about how he thinks about different business models and how those feed business valuations. And we close out with his advice on raising money and lessons for young entrepreneurs.

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(01:30) - Something proud of, but doesn't get to talk about: Raising a family and navigating turmoil
(06:44) - Early influences and joining the Army
(15:16) - Finding the driving force behind early success
(19:32) - "Stealing" cable TV and bringing it to the Westpoint Barracks
(27:12) - Becoming class president and convincing leaders of the impossible
(33:42) - An early foray in entrepreneurship and love of all things cars
(41:33) - Importance of marketing when delivering something new
(50:00) - Lack of transparency in auto industry and turning the tide on an informed consumer
(58:40) - Autonomy - subscription electric vehicles and serving the core mission
(01:03:32) - Capital intensity in business, business models, and valuation
(01:12:29) - Advice on raising money
(01:15:07) - Best things for young entrepreneurs to understand
(01:23:38) - Scott Painter's endgame 

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