30. Michael Madrid on Choosing Your Own Adventure

June 22, 2022

30. Michael Madrid on Choosing Your Own Adventure
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In this episode, Brock talks with Michael Madrid.

Michael is an entrepreneur fueled by his love of space. He's currently working at a venture backed startup, Starfish Space, a company working to solve the satellite servicing problem. He's also the cofounder of Project Buna, a specialty coffee company focused around community. Michael talks about the mindsets entrepreneurs enter the world with and the ways of thinking required in order to endure long periods of loneliness. We talk about the right approach to take when starting your own company, understanding product market fit as well as founder fit. 

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Resources discussed:

Commit Foundation
Payload Space Newsletter
Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 


(02:45) - Michael's history in entrepreneurship

(09:20) - Indefinite and definite optimism

(13:15) - Founder Market Fit

(16:00) - Starting a coffee business from a dorm room

(34:30) - Getting your first idea off the ground and finding building your entrepreneurs community

(39:51) - 5 years from now success or failure exercise

(44:17) - Starfish Space and introduction to satellite servicing

(01:03:38) - Venture backed or bootstrapping

(01:08:46) -  Skillbridge programs for active duty and veterans

(01:17:10) - Understanding your personal fit and resources 

(01:22:20) - Recommendations

Whether you’re in the service for four years or twenty, you have learned skills, led teams, and learned what it takes to execute under pressure. While those past successes are valuable, they don’t always translate to a life or career when you get your DD214.

Join Tim and Brock as they break down the skills and strategies current and former military members are using to build a successful careers on the outside the service.

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