31. Allison Jaslow on the Military Civilian Divide

June 29, 2022

31. Allison Jaslow on the Military Civilian Divide
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In this episode, Brock talks with Allison Jaslow.

Allison is former Army captain with a love for all things politics. She gets into the similarities between service and working in politics, on a campaign or otherwise. We discuss the need for more veteran representation in office due to lacking "skin in the game" as well as how service members can pursue helping out on a campaign or running themselves. Allison also talks about an article she wrote a few years back pointing out the lack of care for female veterans, particularly from the VA. We take that a step further and talk about women in the military generally and how we need to rewrite what modern day warriors look like. 

You can follow or reach out to Allison on Twitter or her personal website. 


(02:20) - Allison's transition from the military into politics

(08:15) - Do we need more veterans in office?

(10:40) - Objectives, why we need them, and the need for continuous reevaluation

(16:08) - Challenging the status quo - what are politicians optimizing for?

(20:38) - Who do we ask to serve and how we gain buy in to war

(26:02) - Questioning American's support of troops

(32:23) - Storytelling to reshape the military narrative

(40:33) - The military preparation for a life in politics

(43:30) - Running for office as a former service member

(49:00) - Permission to change your mind, publicly

(51:50) - How to join the world of politics

(57:09) - The lack of support for women veterans

(01:02:17) - Femininity or toughness, surviving as a woman in the military

(01:14:30) - Time to make change

Whether you’re in the service for four years or twenty, you have learned skills, led teams, and learned what it takes to execute under pressure. While those past successes are valuable, they don’t always translate to a life or career when you get your DD214.

Join Brock in breaking down the skills and strategies current and former military members are using to build a successful careers on the outside the service.

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