In this episode, Brock talks with Will Jordan.

Will is the founder of BnB Interiors, a company offering interior design services focused on the short term rental market as well as property management in San Diego. We talk through how he looks at money - he spent two years living in a van which allowed him to save enough money to go in as a limited partner on a real estate transaction with his brother. He talks about how the desire for community and good experiences led to his friends starting a backyard concert venue. There's some great food for thought in this episode on how to approach life and balancing a career and your actual life. 

Now, Will is building BnB Interiors. We hear his approach to the STR market, how he evaluates deals, and walk through some basic numbers on a rental he has under management. 

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Will's Business - BnB Interior
Episode with Rich Jordan, Will's Brother


(02:35) - Differences between Rich and Will

(07:10) - Travel and work abroad plans for 2023

(11:32) - How money plays a role in life and living in a van

(15:30) - A life of minimalism and the fire that brought it

(19:15) - The importance of community

(21:30) - Starting a backyard venue

(34:50) - Demeanor inside and outside the Navy

(37:20) - Systemic inefficiencies and desire for control

(46:00) - Preparing for transition out from the moment going in

(48:50) - The Navy's preparation for transition

(57:01) - Launching BnB Interiors

(01:08:07) - Differences in design for STR for long term rentals

(01:20:24) - Compare and contrast STR model and walking through a deal

(01:35:10) - Will's ideas and plans for BnB Interiors

Whether you’re in the service for four years or twenty, you have learned skills, led teams, and learned what it takes to execute under pressure. While those past successes are valuable, they don’t always translate to a life or career when you get your DD214.

Join Brock in breaking down the skills and strategies current and former military members are using to build a successful careers on the outside the service.

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