38. Building a 500 Million Dollar Wealth Management Firm with David Armstrong

August 17, 2022

38. Building a 500 Million Dollar Wealth Management Firm with David Armstrong
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The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

In this episode, Brock talks with David Armstrong.

Dave is a former Marine Corps Officer, a private wealth manager, sits on the board of PB Abbate, and a fellow podcaster. Dave recounts the story of the details surrounding his early years leading to joining the Marine Corps and how formative that was for him early on. We hear how he found finance and went on to build his own wealth management firm which is now approaching 500 million dollars in AUM. He spends some time talking about how to differentiate your offering in the financial services space, all lessons that can be widely applied across business. We also get to talk our extra ciriculars including how he came to join the board of PB Abbate and his thoughts on direction for his podcast, Moments in Leadership.

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(2:26) - Joining the Marine Corps for Top Gun

(07:43) - A traumatic event to change course

(16:30) - Finding a love for finance

(25:05) - The reserves and how to rejoin the service

(30:30) - A banker over a cycle

(34:25) - Understanding all the repercussions of wanting to be in charge

(46:25) - Why advising has all the wrong incentives and setting out to start his own

(49:00) - How to differentiate a business

(01:20:00) - Advice on finances for people on active duty

(01:38:22) - Meeting Tom Schueman and fundraising for PB Abbate

(01:48:10) - Origins of Moments in Leadership podcast

The Scuttlebutt Podcast features discussions on lifestyle, careers, business, and resources for service members. Show host, Brock Briggs, talks with a special guest from the community committed to helping military members build a successful life, inside and outside the service.

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