40. How to Become a Third Shift Entrepeneur with Todd Connor

August 31, 2022

40. How to Become a Third Shift Entrepeneur with Todd Connor
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The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

In this episode, Brock talks with Todd Connor.

Todd is the author of third shift entrepreneur, founder of Bunker Labs, and CEO of Veterans for Political Innovation. In this conversation we talk about startups, a topic Todd is an expert on. We discuss some of the programming Bunker Labs offers to veteran entrepreneurs as well as the origin story of the company. We also dive into Todd's time and passion for the political world. He talks about ranked-choice voting and why it's not only a better system psychologically from the voter perspective but can lead to higher voter turnout. 

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Veterans for Political Innovation

Bunker Labs


(01:45) - What is the most important thing to accomplish in life?

(09:00) - Inspiration for seeing veterans 'fulfill their full potential'

(16:00) - What do veterans actually want?

(19:55) - Origin story of Bunker Labs

(29:15) - Getting started as an entrepreneur by launching your first idea

(39:40) - Validating ideas and ability to pivot

(45:50) - Third Shift Entrepreneur - Realistic stories on entrepreneurship

(58:10) - Todd's current ideas in the hopper

(01:04:25) - The longevity of our political system

(01:09:20) - Veterans for Political Innovation and ranked choice voting

(01:20:00) - How to implement ranked choice voting over the next 5 years

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