41. How to use Chapter 31 Veterans Readiness and Employment benefits with Max

September 07, 2022

41. How to use Chapter 31 Veterans Readiness and Employment benefits with Max
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The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

In this episode, Brock talks with Max.

Max is a Veterans Readiness and Employment counselor with the VA. While in the Marine Corps, Max participated in two combat deployments which were formative in his desire to give back to the veteran community. We discuss his learnings about what veterans truly need after service, how to find and pursue what you're most passionate about in life, and a in depth discussion of how to use Chapter 31 Veterans Readiness and Employment benefits.


Veterans Readiness and Employment


(2:10) - Joining the Marine Corps and why it wasn't a career

(06:20) - Takeaways from the corps and how to carry yourself now as a veteran

(13:25) - Words of caution on veteran service organizations

(25:35) - Finding a passion for veterans

(29:19) - Transitioning out of service, working at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, and creating yourself a job

(37:34) - Deductive reasoning to work yourself back into finding purpose

(42:15) - Introduction to Chapter 31, Veterans Readiness and Employment

(54:05) - Benefits offered on Chapter 31

(01:20:05) - How to apply and expectations of enrolling in benefits

(01:33:15) - The right way to approach chapter 31 benefits from service member's perspective

(01:40:45) - Veterans need accountability

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