45. 'Figure It Out' with Tim Kirkpatrick

October 05, 2022

45. 'Figure It Out' with Tim Kirkpatrick
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Tim Kirkpatrick is the cofounder of Condition One Media as well as the writer and director of the TV  show 'Figure It Out' which follows a recently discharged Marine's re-entry into civilian life. Tim is a former navy corpsman who, on deployment with Marines to Afghanistan, filmed his first video of dancing Marines which he used on his application to New York Film school (he got in). We talk about how the military influenced Tim's approach to film and why it's important to let your past military experience shine through your creative work even today. Tim shares on the fundamentals of filmmaking, the economics of the business, and what the future holds for the tv series.


Condition One Media - 'Figure It Out'

Show Notes:
(02:57) - Early interest in film, but nowhere to practice
(07:52) - The marine dancing video that got Tim into film school
(11:45) - How the military influences the eye for film and inspiration for content
(15:15) - Bringing the audience along in a story
(18:27) - The pitch for ‘Figure It Out’
(21:00) - When to be strict with goals when it comes to filming and everything else
(26:10) - Film fundamentals and why tv’s and movies are the way they are
(29:55) - The weight of the military on creative ability
(34:53) - Economics of putting together a film on a budget
(47:50) - What steps along the way of producing the film were positive signs of affirmation to continue
(55:10) - Biggest learnings from producing a TV episode

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