49. What Amazon and the Marine Corps Have in Common with Beau Higgins

November 02, 2022

49. What Amazon and the Marine Corps Have in Common with Beau Higgins
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Beau Higgins. Beau is a retired Marine Corps Intelligence Officer of 25 years and now works as a senior manager overseeing military talent acquisition at Amazon. We talk through how to inspire leadership from every single person in the unit, even down to the most junior personnel. Beau talks through his framework for managing risk and balancing the necessity for field training with the requirement of comprehensive instructions. We close the conversation talking about how the culture at Amazon has mirrored that of the Marine Corps, getting comfortable with failing quickly, and tactics for successful job hunting, coming from someone who looks at a lot of resumes. 


Amazon Military Hiring

Amazon Skillbridge Program

(01:30) - What are you most proud of that you never get to talk about?
(05:11) - What does it mean to be a “man for others” and where does that come from?
(10:13) - Is it possible for every person to lead every day?
(14:37) - Why the Marine Corps leads and act differently than other branches
(21:04) - Drawbacks to giving too much power to junior personnel
(30:32) - Intelligence driving decision making
(44:37) - Beau’s mindset entering transition to civilian workforce after 25 years in the Marine Corps
(55:48) - Senior Manager at Amazon
(59:28) - Veterans diversity of thought
(01:04:00) - What makes the perfect resume
(01:09:45) - Misconceptions of veterans entering the workforce
(01:19:00) - Closing thoughts

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