51. What If My Passion Has Nothing To Do With What I'm Doing Now with Bill Kieffer

November 16, 2022

51. What If My Passion Has Nothing To Do With What I'm Doing Now with Bill Kieffer
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Bill Kieffer. Bill served as a logistics officer in the army, followed by over 20 years in various senior HR and talent roles before setting out on his own. He is currently a professional executive coach and specializes in military transitions. We talked through some heavy hitters around our professional lives answering questions like, what if my passion has nothing to do with what I'm doing now and the four things that you must bring to an interview. Bill's unique perspective showcases what HR and hiring managers are really looking at in hires, and also flips the script on how you can hire more effectively if you're in that position. 


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Show Notes:

(01:21) - Who is Bill's hero?
(04:15) - Such a thing as too much optimism?
(06:48) - Fulfilling your life's purpose
(15:36) - Understanding your passion and turning it into action
(20:52) - Knowing when to go deep and when to move on
(26:04) - Most decisions aren't fatal
(30:07) - Importance of flexibility within a framework
(37:12) - Understanding sensitivity to price as a consumer and a business owner
(43:41) - Wearing a uniform in a civilian workplace
(49:47) - The burden of proof during interviews
(55:08) - Mindset in which to enter for interviews
(01:02:42) - What to dig into when hiring
(01:14:21) - Balancing opportunity and capacity within your own business
(01:18:18) - Who is best suited for entrepreneurship
(01:22:20) - What can we implement today?

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