52. The Value of a Degree in the Hands of a Veteran with Ryan Pavel

November 23, 2022

52. The Value of a Degree in the Hands of a Veteran with Ryan Pavel
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Ryan Pavel. In this conversation, we talk about why growing up playing video games as a differentiator. Ryan landed a job at a law firm from playing Destiny. We talk about understanding the quantitative and qualitative impacts of your military service and how higher education plays into the life of veteran. We talk about higher education because Ryan is the CEO of the Warrior Scholar Project, a nonprofit focused on preparation for education after service. Warrior scholar project helps vets prepare for that transition to education with a really rigorous program that sets the tone encourages and gets you plugged in with some great people at the university you're going to be attending. 


Ryan on LinkedIn

Warrior Scholar Project

Show notes:

(02:45) - Landing a law firm job playing Destiny
(08:36) - Changing perception of gaming
(11:11) - Marine Corps as a backup option
(16:23) - Conflicting outcomes leaving the Corps and moral injury
(23:05) - Money as an incentive
(32:11) - Why the military is 'safe'
(40:18) - The feeling of inadequacy, particularly in Law school
(47:11) - Finding your meaning in the military
(51:52) - Ryan's personal measuring stick
(55:35) - Finding the Warrior Scholar Project and getting involved
(59:19) - The program's changes over time
(01:07:12) - Description of Warrior Scholar Project, offering and why it's needed
(01:14:35) - What is the value of a degree in the hands of a capable veteran
(01:18:47) - The future of WSP and steps to get there
(01:23:37) - What would cause WSP to fail?
(01:27:26) - What we can learn and implement today?

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