55. Finding Your Purpose Before and After Service with Olivia Nunn

December 07, 2022

55. Finding Your Purpose Before and After Service with Olivia Nunn
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Olivia Nunn. Olivia is a former Army officer who has previously hosted the Army Soldier for Life podcast and now currently the Military Officers Association of America podcast. We talk through why your most important mission should be to figure out your calling, how the military responded to Black Lives Matter and how they should have responded, and the three most important elements of a successful transition out of service.

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Military Officers Association of America Podcast

Olivia on LinkedIn


(00:00) - Introduction and 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Details
(04:30) - What lights your fire?
(10:27) - Second guessing staying in the service
(17:37) - The real reason why getting out of service is difficult
(24:02) - Coaching troops through transition versus going through it herself
(32:06) - Creating a contingency plan, but being ready for anything
(39:53) - Leveraging your military network online
(43:06) - What everyone gets wrong about communicating, particularly online
(48:41) - Being a Public Affairs Officer that was too "punchy" and responding to Black Lives Matter
(56:38) - Crafting a more effective response to sensitive issues
(01:01:59) - How to fight against the pace of change in the military
(01:07:36) - A new perspective on women in the military
(01:13:13) - MOAA Podcast
(01:24:32) - Best advice for developing a presence online for someone in transition

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