56. Ruthless Sales and $1 Million Dollars of Cigars with Joey Dizon

December 14, 2022

56. Ruthless Sales and $1 Million Dollars of Cigars with Joey Dizon
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Joey Dizon. Joey is former Marine Corps and after time working in financial services and at a protective services agency, he ventured out to start his own business; a mobile cigar lounge. Joey explains why people are so foundational to our experiences in life, how to approach a service based business that keeps you at the top of your customers mind, and how he develops world class salesmen. He also walks through the process of how tobacco is grown and the different steps it undergoes to reach it's final cigar form.

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Mobile Cigar Lounge


(02:11) - An early desire to join the military
(09:46) - Early life, family culture, and the best Filipino food
(10:27) - Second guessing staying in the service
(19:09) - Jobs after the Corps and introduction to entrepreneurship
(28:12) - Did you struggle with transitioning out of service?
(35:52) - Tips for a successful transition
(39:53) - Ideating on a Mobile Cigar Lounge
(43:50) - Initial direction of the business and making your first sale
(47:19) - Economics of cigar business
(52:33) - Why weddings are like the barracks smoke pits
(01:01:39) - Tobacco growing to smoking
(01:11:51) - Building an effective sales process
(01:18:28) - How to hire and build a team
(01:22:23) - Why you should always have a coach and instrumental programs getting started

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