62. Never

January 25, 2023

62. Never "Leaving" Service and the Power to Create with Paul Szoldra
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In this episode Brock speaks with Paul Szoldra. After Paul's exit from the Marine Corps in 2010, he fell into journalism where he went on to write for publications like Business Insider, We are the Mighty, and later became the editor at Task and Purpose. He's the founder of the popular military satire newsletter, Duffel Blog and late this last year went full time on a solo newsletter, The Ruck, a weekly national security newsletter. In this conversation, Paul talks about why everyone has the ability to create through writing with heuristics on getting started, the origins of Duffel Blog and his early insight into content marketing, and going solo as a writer with some of the tools he uses in his process.

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(01:35) - What Paul is most proud of and position the Marines to his kids
(08:55) - Taking off the uniform but not exiting service
(17:26) - Was journalism a means to an end?
(25:14) - Everyone having the power to write and create
(32:31) - Origins of Duffel Blog
(41:40) - Duffel Blog's growth over time and where it is today
(45:14) - How Paul's writing style has evolved over 10 years writing on defense
(52:27) - How to know where the knowledge of your reader is with the nut graf
(57:49) - Content evolving over time
(01:02:34) - Importance of feedback and finding what to work on
(01:13:36) - Starting the Ruck and building a sustainable solo business
(01:22:18) - Tools, software, and resources Paul likes

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