63. Writing to Grow, Lead, and Elevate the Veteran Community with William

February 01, 2023

63. Writing to Grow, Lead, and Elevate the Veteran Community with William "Buck" Bolyard
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In this episode, Brock speaks with William Bolyard. Will is the author of Sober Man's Thoughts and co founder of Dirtbag magazine. We start the conversation off with what he's most proud of in life and go on to explore both his writing and writing process, why the world doesn't need more war poetry books, and how to lead junior troops into gunfights and being able to talk about poetry with them, and much more.

Episode Resources:

Sober Man's Thoughts

Will on Instagram

Dirtbag Magazine


(01:04) - What Buck is most proud of - books!
(07:31) - Getting past caring about negative reviews or what people think about what you're working on
(09:05) - Expectations of veteran writers
(12:10) - Changing the narrative of vet writers
(13:51) - How to market books and write them
(18:10) - Self publishing vs publishing house
(25:02) - Identity as a writer
(28:19) - Seeing the man behind the uniform - communicating with your troops on a level beyond the military relationship
(32:44) - Excelling in the service and then putting it to bed
(37:54) - Community based service, life outside of the military, and building up other vets
(52:39) - Other projects and Dirtbag magazine
(59:58) - Thoughts from specific segments of writing

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