64. Imposing Your Will on the World with Heath Smith

February 08, 2023

64. Imposing Your Will on the World with Heath Smith
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Heath Smith. Heath is a former Army Command Sergeant Major and this episode is a download on 27 years of struggle, leadership and conquering. We discuss how average people have above average careers, why you can't engineer leadership, and who in your unit you should be focused on when leading a team, as well as overcoming a negative relationship with alcohol. Heath gives very tactical advice on intervening in the life of someone struggling with alcohol and talks about how he's approaching his next great adventure in retirement.

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(02:23) - Summarizing 27 years in the Army
(07:55) - Average people with above average careers
(12:48) - True meaning of sacrifice
(18:06) - Living differently and confronting alcohol head-on
(26:50) - Confronting people struggling with alcohol
(35:55) - Importance of community and TRIBE especially in transition
(41:02) - What being alpha means
(46:23) - Encouragement for young leaders stepping up to the plate and why leadership can't be engineered
(01:09:42) - Relentless self improvement
(01:25:38) - Fine tuning performance
(01:34:50) - Imposing your will on the world
(01:40:33) - Work life balance, particularly in "retirement"

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