65. Brave and Afraid at the Same Time with Kim Campbell

February 15, 2023

65. Brave and Afraid at the Same Time with Kim Campbell
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Kim Campbell. Kim is a former Air Force A10 pilot and is well known for returning her aircraft back to base safely after being struck by a missile flying over Baghdad during the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003. In this conversation, we discuss what failing forward means, women flying fighter jets, why trust may be the most important element of a team, and why she wouldn't change to flying F18s ifgiven the chance. Kim is extremely dynamic, is eager to give back, and also has a book coming out which you should buy - "Flying in the Face of Fear: A Fighter Pilots Lessons on Leading with Courage". 

Episode Resources:

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Kim on Twitter

Flying in the Face of Fear

ABC News 2003

Ones Ready Interview Podcast with Kim


(01:50) - The most impactful experience in 24 years in the Air Force
(03:20) - Managing a military family
(08:31) - Have you always considered yourself a calm person?
(09:50) - Brave and afraid at the same time
(14:21) - Being called to perform at a higher level
(18:18) - Deciding who you want on your team
(23:57) - Mentoring junior cadets and advice for young service members
(35:03) - Debriefing after difficult life missions and moving on to the next thing
(38:39) - Women's roles in the Air Force and more women fighter pilots
(45:01) - Did having kids negatively influence career?
(46:48) - Creating a work life balance culture
(55:08) - Book recommendations
(01:01:22) - What's on the other side, writing a book, and a story from the book
(01:09:38) - If given the chance, would you fly F18's instead?

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