67. Defining Life's Protocol with Martha Macphee

March 01, 2023

67. Defining Life's Protocol with Martha Macphee
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Martha MacPhee. Martha is a former Marine and in this discussion, we talk about her time running protocol for high visibility events, including President Trump's inauguration and how her job translated into the civilian world working with organizations like Susan Davis International. We also talked about her work with the Military Influencer Conference, a funny story about Rob Riggle at last year's event, and a teaser for this year's conference in Las Vegas. She also gives us a unique take on the word legacy, what that means and how we ought to think about what happens after we're gone. 

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(01:38) - Relationship with John Glenn
(09:00) - Carrying on Grandfather's legacy
(15:38) - Optimize for legacy
(17:21) - Entering the world of protocol
(23:29) - What protocol is and why its important
(27:09) - Most outlandish protocol faux paw she's seen
(33:09) - Training for unknown
(35:16) - The most challenging event - Trump's inauguration
(43:59) - Is working in protocol a career maker?
(49:44) - Bridging the gap to a civilian employer and verifying terms
(53:54) - The most critical elements of putting on an event
(01:01:07) - Putting on the Military Influencer Conference
(01:09:37) - The power of self employment in choosing what you want to do
(01:14:16) - Endgame and staying happy

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