68. Unlocking the Power of the Creative Process with Justin Mikolay

March 08, 2023

68. Unlocking the Power of the Creative Process with Justin Mikolay
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Justin Mikolay. Justin is a former submariner and was a speechwriter for several notable figures, including General Petraeus, General Mattis and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. You'll hear what he learned about leadership from each of them. You'll also hear an in depth discussion on the creative process and how he works through the work of some of the world's smartest people. You're going to learn a lesson in nuclear fission, and how it applies to our creative process, why it's essential to put your words out into the world, and how to use those as a lighthouse to draw like minded people to you. We get into several other subtopics what he regrets about his time in the military, working at Palantir, and heuristics on habit forming. 

Episode Resources:

Justin on Twitter


'The Meaning of Their Service' by Mattis


(02:08) - Justin's Rate My Professor score
(05:02) - Why most people have never tried to write and parallels with running/staying in shape
(15:07) - Systematizing creative and life processes
(19:20) - The art of 'Active Consumption' and K Effective
(23:37) - ChatGPT and Generative AI
(27:12) - Speechwriting and takeaways from the world's most powerful figures
(36:06) - Why leadership is inspiration to action
(43:37) - Finding meaning in service and what we're truly serving
(50:51) - How Nuclear school played out in Justin's career
(56:03) - Assimilating back into civilian lifestyle
(59:17) - Regrets about service
(01:08:25) - Spend your energy on a worthy cause
(01:12:38) - Putting your thoughts, energy, and time into the world through the scale of the internet
(01:29:15) - Finding what you have that's valuable
(01:37:27) - What we can learn that we can implement today

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