78. Building a Boutique Fitness Brand and Implementing EOS with Mike Jones

May 17, 2023

78. Building a Boutique Fitness Brand and Implementing EOS with Mike Jones
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Mike Jones. In this conversation, Mike talks about how to do targeted networking with a particular focus on raising money for a business, as well as running effective meetings with people. We talked about him launching one of the first Crossfit gyms in Minneapolis back in 2009. And how we use learnings from that to co found his own fitness company, Alchemy 365, a boutique fitness brand. Mike also talks about EOS or Entrepreneurial Operating System, why it's a valuable back into any business and how to implement it in your own company.

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(01:20) - How to have a good meeting or networking call (06:56) - Cold vs warm outreach (09:46) - Best practices when it comes to networking to raise capital (17:21) - The biggest driver of success: Confidence (21:09) - Idea validation for new ventures (26:55) - Launching the first Crossfit gym in Minneapolis (33:02) - Crossfit business model and its influences on boutique fitness concepts (38:52) - Acquiring customers and managing balance of capacity (45:05) - Starting a new boutique fitness brand, Alchemy 365 (52:21) - Pricing strategies for new and existing products (57:34) - Size and scale of Alchemy 365 and growth plans (01:02:30) - What is EOS and why do businesses need it (01:07:08) - Fractional executives (01:11:18) - The biggest struggle businesses face implementing EOS (01:16:13) - What implementing looks like in practice and costs involved (01:20:41) - Common pitfalls and advice for young entrepreneurs The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

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