79. Retirement Planning with Content Differentiation with Ryan Kilkenny

May 24, 2023

79. Retirement Planning with Content Differentiation with Ryan Kilkenny
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In this episode, Brock speaks with Ryan Kilkenny. Ryan is the founder and CEO of Atomic Planning, a virtual retirement planning financial services company. Ryan is former Marine Corps and after a few years learning financial advising at Edward Jones started his own practice with a focus on retirement planning specifically. Expect to learn the must dos for your money while in the service, the differences between financial services companies like Edward Jones and starting your own practice, and how to use content as a way to differentiate yourself and your business.

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Atomic Planning

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(01:10) - Becoming a dad for the first time (06:18) - Early starts in Marine Corps Aviation (13:40) - The finances of a Marine Corps officer (18:18) - Giving every dollar a name and financial education in the military (24:09) - The most important heuristics for personal finance in the military (30:35) - Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of the blended retirement system (35:56) - Coaching junior marines on finances to sales at Edward Jones (41:24) - Who working at Edward Jones is and isn't right for (44:42) - What the future looks like for Edward Jones and leaving to start your own firm (51:36) - Atomic Planning - Ryan's own practice (54:06) - Defining a niche within the industry and speaking to a select audience (58:13) - Content as a differentiator (01:06:55) - "Why is money important to you?" (01:11:45) - What we can learn from Ryan? Have a plan The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

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